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This course is designed to provide additional training for those interested in furthering their knowledge and response capabilities

when dealing with medical emergencies. As well as further supplementing their CPR, First Aid and Defibrillation training.


About the Course:

* 2 year Certification under Medical Direction

* approx. 4 Hour Course

* Prerequisite:  Current CPR Certificate or current recognized equivallent


Course Content :


  • Introduction to the course
  • Recognition and Treatment of respiratory emergencies
  • Use of bag-valve mask  (BVM), adult, child, pediatric
  • Resuscitation mask, suction equipment, Oxygen regulators, and other ventillation devices
  • Demonstration of the stages in the administration of emergency oxygen
  • Oxygen Tank, Oxygen Regulators, Airways, Standard Oxygen Kits will be used in the course


This course meets and exceeds the ILCOR guidelines