Fires in the home or at a place of business can be devastating and sometimes fatal.  Understanding fire prevention, engineering controls and good housekeeping practices are keys to preventing fires.  Effective training and the proper equipment for your environment are prudent to protecting lives and property.

Second Chance CPR is proud to use the LION (Bullex) Live Fire Intelligent Training System (I.T.S) Props

This course demonstrates the proper techniques to extinguish live fires under direct supervision of a qualified instructor.

Our course objectives are to assist you to understand:

  • Classes of Fires
  • How to make good decisions regarding your reactions to a fire
  • Be able to classify a fire based upon the fuel that is burning
  • Select the correct fire extinguisher based upon the type of fuel that is burning
  • Develop an understanding of secondary hazards when a fire is present
  • Conduct basic inspection, maintenance, and storage of fire extinguishers
  • Fight or flight, how to make good decisions when faced with a fire
  • Use of a fire extinguisher to put out several types of fires
  • How to apply what you learn at home
  • Home Fire Safety Tips
  • Classes will discuss Smoke Alarms and CO detectors and their laws