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In 2014 we acquired a state of the art Bullex Live Fire Extinguisher trainer.

This equipment allows us to simulate an actual fire in a trash bin, or small fire.

We have both large and small fire extinguishers so participants get to experience first hand the challenge of being faced with a real emergency. The course we provide touches on important fire safety principles for industry, and institutions. We teach Fire Safety, the PASS technique as well as how to properly fight a small fire at the NFPA Incipient Fire level.

Each program is specially designed to deal directly with the inherent fire hazards at the location.

The training is designed to provide for the “greater safety” and take into account life safety practices:

Topics include: classes of fires, the effects of proper and improper use of fire extinguishers, fire science, review of fire escape plan. As well as a live fire practical exercise.