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First Aid

Our experienced professional instructors teach employees that First Aid training can often limit the severity of work place injuries.. Hundreds of injuries occur daily. It can be as minor as a cut to the finger or as serious as a chemical burn. Injuries can be painful and limit an employee’s ability to work safetly. Second Chance CPR is proud to be a Provider of First Aid training under Regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.

Standard First Aid


This course teaches the participant how to approach and manage medical emergencies and provide care to the patient until EMS arrives. This course is required for workplaces employingsix or more workers in any one shift at a work area or those interested in gaining enhanced first aid knowledge and skills as required by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board under which Second Chance CPR is an approved provider for First Aid programs (WSIB Reg. 1101).This course is also utilized by health care professionals and students entering classes in the Health Care Field (Nursing, Police, Firefighting, Dental Assistants, and Health Care Workers). 

All courses include an Emergency Action Guide (First Aid Booklet), Wallet cards, and printed wall Certificates for courses attended. The participants will also receive a single use Face Shield (CPR barrier device).

Courses Include following topics: Bleeding and Wound Management

Muscular/Skeletal Emergencies

Head & Spinal Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies
Communicable Diseases


Optional AED Module




Diabetic Emergencies







Rescue Breathing CPR Skills Heart Attack & Stroke Choking (conscious/unconscious)




Emergency First Aid

This course teaches an emergency approach on how to manage medical emergencies and render aid until professional help arrives. This course is required for workplaces employing not more than five workers in any one shift at a work area or those interested in gaining first aid knowledge and skills (WSIB Reg. 1101). This course covers the compulsory topics of the Standard First Aid course.

The instructor assigned to your location will be a professional in their field with years of experience. You’ll find that we have a convenient and flexible scheduling system that will meet your first aid CPR certification needs.

Our classes are tailored to meet the site specific needs of our clients . The instructors will make sure that all employees are familiar with the type of safety equipment available to them.


The First Aid Courses offered:

  • Standard First Aid Initial Program (16 Hrs.)
  • Standard First Aid Recertification (8Hrs.)
  • Emergency First Aid Initial Program (8Hrs.)
  • Standard First Aid with AED (16 Hrs.)