Second Chance CPR is pleased to offer the following courses for the 2015 Calendar Year. At Second Chance CPR we pride ourselves on being committed to excellence.  This includes ensuring we are constantly providing the latest courses and teaching with the latest technology. Second Chance CPR want to ensure that you are getting the proper training for the field your responding to. If you are unsure of what course or courses you need, feel free to email us or call us to ensure your registered for the right class.


Course Offerings

Standard First Aid with CPR

Course Length: 16 Hours

This course teaches the participant how to approach and manage medical emergencies and provide care to the patient until EMS arrives. This course is required for workplaces employing six or more workers in any one shift at a work area or those interested in gaining enhanced first aid knowledge and skills as required by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board under which Second Chance CPR is an approved provider for First Aid programs (WSIB Reg. 1101).

This course is also utilized by health care professionals and students entering classes in the Health Care Field (Nursing, Police, Firefighting, Dental Assistants, and Health Care Workers).

 All courses include an Emergency Action Guide (First Aid Booklet), Wallet cards, and printed wall Certificates for courses attended. The participants will also receive a single use Face Shield (CPR barrier device).  


Courses Include following topics:


Bleeding and Wound Management

Muscular/Skeletal Emergencies

Head & Spinal Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

Communicable Diseases






Diabetic Emergencies









Rescue Breathing CPR Skills Heart Attack & Stroke Choking (conscious/unconscious)


Defibrillation with CPR

Course Length:  4- 8 Hours

This course is designed for people who work in an area where a Public Access Defibrillator is available, or for personnel who are looking to further their medical training.  Course includes anticipation/planning of a cardiac arrest, step-by-step instructions on how to successfully use a defibrillator, care and stabilization of a patient.  Medical Delegation, quality assurance reviews and policies and procedures. Second Chance CPR is proud to offer training for all AED’s on the market.


All courses include a PAD- R AED or First Responder FR-D workbook, Wallet cards, and printed wall Certificates for courses attended. The participants will also receive a Face Shield (CPR barrier device).


Chemical Spill Response Training              

Course Length: Customized to facility

This course provides the participant with the knowledge and skills to clean up small spills and leaks. The participants are trained to approach, identify, and secure an area that is affected by the spill. The course follows the NFPA guidelines for Hazardous Materials Awareness dealing with small spills and leaks. The participants will receive hands-on training as well as knowledge of resource locations to help identify a spilled material. This course will be customized to each individual site to better allow for a safe response.


Respirator Selection, Use and Care

Course Length: 4 – 6 Hours

This program provides comprehensive respirator training for persons who need to become familiar with the OSHA and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z 94.4 respirator standards, in dealing with the care, selection and use of Respirators in the workplace.


Overview of Respiratory Protection

This course provides a practical overview of respirators, standards, guidelines, use limitations, fit testing techniques, worker training requirements, and a review of respirator medical clearance examinations. This course is helpful to individuals who use and/or oversee respirator users in their workplace.


Fit Testing Workshop

Course Length: 2 – 4 Hours

This workshop provides detailed information and “hands-on” experience for conducting qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing. A combination of lecture and “hands-on testing in the presence of a trained and experienced instructor will be used to help participants learn how to conduct respirator fit testing to satisfy regulatory requirements. Includes fit test requirements required by the NEW OHSA Respirator Standard. New for 2012, we have acquired a TSI Porta Count to conduct Quantitative Fit testing.


Blood borne Pathogens in the Workplace

Course Length: 2 – 4 Hours

This course will take the participant through the definitions of different Blood borne Pathogens that can be contracted or spread through blood and bodily contact. The course will work to dispel some of the myths surrounding Blood borne Pathogens and will teach you potential exposure methods in the workplace. Topics of dealing with sharps, proper personal protective equipment and how to clean up the release of a Blood borne Pathogen.


Fire Extinguisher Training

Course Length: 2 – 4 Hours

The course we provide touches on important fire safety principles for industry, and institutions. Each program is specially designed to deal directly with the inherent fire hazards at the location. The training is designed to provide for the “greater safety” and take into account life safety practices: Topics include: classes of fires, the effects of proper and improper use of fire extinguishers, fire science, review of fire escape plan. New to our program is the addition of training utilizing live fire.