To all class attendee’s :

Once you have completed your First Aid course, you will receive a temporary card containing all of your course details. This can be used for your employer / school etc., during the two-week to four week interim period or until you receive your official wall certificate.

Second Chance strives to have your certificate to you in 2-4 weeks of course completion. When you have successfully completed all of the requirements of the course, your certificate will be mailed to you in a secure and rapid manner. The wall certificate signifies that you have passed the course components and meant all the necessary standards in the course. The certificate is your proof that you have been certified in First Aid by an approved provider and you can use the certificate to validate your level of expertise.

Second Chance ensures that transferring institutions or employers alike will have the assurance in knowing that you have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge needed to properly perform any First Aid related duties. Your hard work and dedication to completing the First Aid course will be recognized with the wall certificate. Second Chance takes great strides to ensure that your hard work is rewarded in a timely manner.