Spring has sprung and it’s time for spring cleaning, but don’t forget about your emergency plan & First Aid Kits!

Before the next accident occurs, it’s time to “spring clean your first aid kit” with the following ideas:

• Cuts and scraps are bound to happen with some spring cleaning around the house!  Make sure those bandages are stocked up, and even consider getting something more substantial like gauze.  You can also search for liquid bandage for a quick fix.

• Expired over the counter drugs & prescriptions?  It’s time to dump the old and replace with new!

• Make sure your first aid kit is accessible to anyone who may need it in your household.

• Does the whole family know where the kit is located? It’s a great time for a refresher on it’s location, what is in the kit and how to use everything.  No use being prepared if you don’t know how to use  the tools.

Other home safety concerns to consider this spring:

Smoke alarms save lives – only if they are equipped with a fresh battery. You should test them every month to make sure they work and replace the battery when the clocks change, twice a year! If the alarm makes a “chirping” sound, replace it immediately.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odourless gas, and it can kill you. Anything in the home that burns fuel can potentially become a source of carbon monoxide; gas stoves, fireplaces, dryers & more. CO alarms should be installed in central locations and on every level of the home. Ensure you are continuing the same maintenance as you would smoke alarms.  Change the batteries, and test them. Also, make sure vents for your gas appliances (fireplace, dryer, stove and furnace) are free and clear of dust, snow or debris.

Have a Family Emergency Plan! Spring is a great time to review that plan with family members to make sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency situation.  Being prepared & practice will help with panic & make everyone feel confident of their role should the worst case happen.


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