It’s even more important to do your part in supporting our local businesses as Windsor-Essex lands in Red Control Zone.  These businesses have been the worst hit during this year of COVID-19.  Some of our favourites even having to close their doors.  Here we’ve listed some ways you can support local, and keep our local community strong!

What does Red Control Zone mean —> READ HERE


  1. Many restaurants are offering delivery and pickup. There may also be delivery by local toy stores, flower shops, bookstores or clothing boutiques may not have their usual storefront, or may offer curb-side pickup.
  2. Order online, many local businesses have shifted to online shopping to try and stay afloat, look for local before heading to the big stores!!!
  3. Buy gift cards or credit for later from your favourite restaurants, stores, hair salons, spas, childcare providers and hardware store.
  4. FREE HELP: Share local restaurant delivery menus, or like & share business accounts on your social media pages
  5. If you still have steady income and the financial means to do it, continue to pay your cleaning people, hair stylist, nanny, etc. They need us and we need them.
  6. Check to see which of your services/providers are now being provided online. Therapists, tutoring, yoga, personal trainers, coaches, financial planners, lawyers, music classes for kids – all of these can be continued through videos or online conferencing.
  7. Tip service workers extra, it means more to them to give an extra dollar!
  8. Keep paying your memberships and subscriptions, if it’s still possible for you to do so
  9. If you or your child already paid for a class that was cancelled, defer the payment to the next session
  10. Join a local business network where people can engage with local businesses remotely, there are lots if you search on Facebook!
  11. Are you a website designer, developer, or a social media expert? Offer your services to local businesses that don’t have an online presence to help them sell and promote online.
  12. Start/share online contests, there are SO many local gift packs & giveaways you can help promote
  13. Just give a donation. Cash is always appreciated.

These are just a few tips of how you can be a HUGE part in keeping our local economy flourishing during these difficult times!

***IMPORTANT Reminder, just because we are getting tired the measures put into place, doesn’t mean we are over the worst of this virus.  PLEASE do you part in keeping our community safe, Wear a Mask, Santize/Wash Hands & Stay Home unless you absolutely need to leave.  We are starting to see a rise in cases, and with these safety measures we’re hoping to stay away from another lockdown.

If you need to stock up on PPE & Cleaning Supplies head to a local option for all of your PPE and sanitizing needs…Windsor Pick Up available!